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Tattoos by "Mama" Jenni:

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Client Reviews:  
--"Walked in for a tragus and industrial (piercing), walked out satisfied.  From the cleanliness of the studio to professionalism of the artist...made the whole experience pleasurable.  Planning a couple of tattoos and there is no question, Paradise Waits is the place to have it done." -E. Peter

--"Got my first tattoo today.  It was a pleasant experience.  I was well informed about what will happen and also about aftercare.  The studio was very clean and all the equipment was sterile n in packaging.  The tattoo artist was wonderful and caters to her customers.  I would recommend anyone to go there.  Also I got my monroe piercing a few months ago and it healed quickly :)" -C. Amaro

--"Best Tattoo Artist...Luv the results." -M.  Bermudez

--"I got my tongue pierced by Jenni.  Barely felt a thing.  Was wondering where to go to get my next ink but after seeing her work my minds made up!  Paradise Waits is the place to be!" -S. Blake

--"My favorite tattoo artist....!!!" -D. Lamothe

--"My friend and I went yesterday to get a henna tattoo and piercing.  The shop was nice and clean and the shop owner and staff made my day exciting.  My friends piercing turned out great and my henna turned out awsome!" -S.Lake