Voted "Best Tattoo/Piercing of St. Croix"

by VI Daily News Reader's Poll 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

--"Walked in for a tragus and industrial (piercing), walked out satisfied.  From the cleanliness of the studio to the professionalism of the artist...made the whole experience pleasurable.  Planning a couple of tattoos and there is no question, Paradise Waits is the place to have it done." -E. Peter 

--I got my tattoo from Jenni at Paradise Waits and I cannot say enough great things!  This is not my first tattoo but I can honestly say that I have never had such a great experience getting a tattoo.  First of all, it is very clear that she takes pride in her work because as soon as you walk in, the shop is clean and smells wonderful.  I let her know what I wanted and she had it ready for me when I got in the back and was very helpful with getting the tattoo placed in the perfect spot.  Not only was she very helpful but she is also a great artist and caring while tattooing making sure that you are doing ok.  If you are planning on getting a tattoo while in St. Croix, then you need to go to Paradise Waits."-Steve K. 

--"Got my first tattoo today.  It was a pleasant experience.  I was well informed about what will happen and also about aftercare.  The studio was very clean and all the equipment was sterile n in packaging.  The tattoo artist was wonderful and caters to her customers.  I would recommendanyone to go there.  Also, I got my Monroe piercing a few months ago and it healed quickly :)" -C. Amaro

--"Best Tattoo Artist...Luv the results." -M.  Bermudez

--"I got my tongue pierced by Jenni.  Barely felt a thing.  Was wondering where to go to get my next ink but after seeing her work my minds made up!  Paradise Waits is the place to be!" -S. Blake

--"My favorite tattoo artist....!!!" -D. Lamothe

--" The shop was nice and clean and the shop owner and staff made my day exciting.  My friends piercing turned out great and my turned out awsome!" -S.Lake